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Dreadlock Retwist & Detox: The Full Work

The Full Works - Embrace Your Heritage, Express Your Style with Gege

  • 4 hr
  • From 145 British pounds
  • 290 Barlow Road

Service Description

Dreadlock Retwist Service: Nurturing Your Locks to Radiant Vitality with Gege This service, designed and delivered by our expert stylist, Gege, is a celebration of dreadlocks, showcasing their rich cultural, historical, and individual significance. We present a holistic ritual designed to revitalise your dreadlocks, promoting their health, strength, and lustre. Our service, Price £145, provides an inclusive package, covering the essential stages of dreadlock care: cleansing, detoxing, conditioning, and two hours of precision relocking by Gege. This rate caters to short medium-sized dreadlocks that extend to before shoulder length. It's important to note that the relocking process can vary in duration, influenced by factors such as the time elapsed since your last retwist and the degree of bodywork or repair required. To guarantee your dreadlocks receive the meticulous, focused care they deserve, any additional time beyond the initial stated hours is subject to a supplementary fee of £35 per hour. Our Dreadlock Retwist & Detox Service unfolds as follows: Comprehensive Hair Detox and Cleansing Ritual: Gege commences with a gentle detox and cleanse, using either a detox mask or vinegar bath, as needed. A clarifying shampoo is then applied to dispel any residual impurities, leaving your scalp invigorated and fresh. Hydrating Treatment: Next, your locks are indulged with a deep conditioning treatment, using a luxurious, hydrating conditioner that infuses your hair with essential moisture and enhances its natural resilience and gloss. Scalp Massage: We extend our care to the foundation from which your locks grow - your scalp. A rejuvenating scalp massage is performed to stimulate blood circulation and support healthier hair growth. Retwisting: Finally, Gege carefully retwists each lock, ensuring minimal stress on your scalp while preserving the unique texture and form of your dreadlocks. The Dreadlock Retwist & Detox Service at Afro Mystique UK transcends routine dreadlock maintenance; it’s a restorative ritual designed to honour and enhance the heritage symbolised by your locks. Whether you're a seasoned dreadlock devotee or beginning this unique hair journey, Gege's expertise and dedication provide an unparalleled dreadlock experience.

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