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Our Story

Afro Mystique

Formally GlamgorgeousHair

The Afro Mystique UK story is intrinsically linked to the personal journey of our founder, Gege. Like many individuals with afro curly hair, Gege faced her own struggles and challenges in caring for her natural curls. Over time, she realized that mainstream hair care often overlooked the unique needs of afro curly hair, leaving a gap in the market and in the hearts of those seeking guidance and support for their hair care journeys.

Driven by her personal experiences and a deep-seated passion for hair care, Gege embarked on a mission to change the narrative. She immersed herself in studying the science of afro curly hair and the art of hair care, and she began sharing her knowledge and expertise with others facing similar challenges. It was this passion that led to the birth of GlamGorgeous Hair.

As GlamGorgeous Hair, we cultivated a community of individuals seeking personalized, intimate, and luxurious hair care services for their afro curly hair. We were proud to provide a space where clients could not only receive expert hair care but also learn, grow, and develop confidence in managing their natural curls.

Now, we are thrilled to evolve and grow as Afro Mystique UK, carrying forward our commitment to transformative hair care while expanding our vision. As Afro Mystique UK, we aim to continue our legacy of empowering individuals with afro curly hair, providing personalized hair care experiences, and fostering a community where every curl, coil, and kink is celebrated.

Our rebranding isn't just a name change—it's an affirmation of our belief in the beauty and potential of afro curly hair. We are excited to write this new chapter in our story and invite you to join us in embracing the mystery, allure, and magnificence of afro curly hair.

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A Whole New Collection

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