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Boost & Seal - Nourishing Hair Butter

Make dry/brittle hair a thing of the past. Boost and seal is a deeply restorative afro hair butter that works to soothe dry and damaged hair by absorbing deeply into the hair shaft eliminating dryness while providing added strength at the core of your hair. This rich butter quickly adds softness and restores life back to dull or parched hair while fortifying the hair shaft with vital plant nutrients to restore your hair back to better health. Made with a carefully selected blend of 4 organic butters including shea, Kokum and 14 moisturizing oils including camelina, pumpkin seed and poppy flower seed oils. 


It is light and won't weigh down or coat your hair while possessing powerful conditioning properties. The moisturising oils in this plant-rich butter melts quickly into the hair shaft providing superior nourishment which is the protected with the heavier fats, Locking in moisture. Just what your hair needs. Specifically created to soothe the driest hair textures. 


Suitable for use on Natural hair/Locs, Relaxed and chemically treated hair. Be extra careful when using heated appliances. Dont use, if you have to use only the smallest amount when hair is wet. 


Please note:

*Due to our use of fresh natural ingredients, you may occasionally find small solid pieces within the butter formula, these are harmless and can be easily removed. This does not affect the function of the product.

*This product is for external use only and cannot be ingested.

BOOST & SEAL. Nourishing Hair Butter

  • As a moisturizer and sealant - Boost works best on slightly damp hair as it effectively seals in moisture while operating to deeply nourish and condition your hair. It is also light enough to be absorbed by the scalp. You can use Boost daily or as your hair requires it. A little goes a long way with this highly concentrated butter, so use sparingly.

    As a treatment booster - Add Boost to your regular conditioner to raise it to the level of a deep conditioner. Mix about a teaspoon with the conditioner, and apply to hair after shampoo and leave on for 30 mins. Rinse and style as usual. This is good for dry hair that needs moisturizing, and doesn’t weigh the hair down.

    Ideal for all curl types- The amount to use depends on the curl type. For curly hair, start small and increase steadily to see what works best for your curls. For afro hair, start with teaspoon size and go from there.

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